Tokyo Nightlife (Roppongi)

(A city full of fun and excitement.)
It is all about exploring, fun, friendship and excitement when it comes to Tokyo Nightlife.
In this article, we will be introducing one of the famous spots for drinking and clubbing.



(Roppongi Crossroad.)


Roppongi (六本木) is divided into two areas. An office district and a nightlife district.
In Roppongi, you can find a lot of fine bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and karaoke.

(A scenery view of Tokyo Tower from Roppongi)


Famous Spots in Roppongi (Tokyo NightLife)


Tokyo nightlife
(A random V2 Club picture.)

  • Club Brand Tokyo <Night Club>
    A spacious club with three different themes and well known for its safety policy. Just enjoy your night.
  • Roppongi Kento’s <Live house> (only Japanese)
    A live house with dance floor and there are live band performances. They play rock and soul music from the 50s to 80s. You can dance meanwhile enjoy your great drinks.
  • Feria <Lounge / Night Club / Night View>
    Feria stylish nightclub which is a popular spot for both Japanese and foreigners who are looking to make friends, or just dance. Enjoy groovy R&B music at the second floor and relaxing lounge third and fourth floor. There is also a bar on the rooftop if you are seeking for a romantic night scenery of the city. (Make sure you check the price.)

Tokyo Nightlife



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