Shibuya (Hachiko & Fast and Furious)

Shibuya (渋谷) is one of the busiest areas in Tokyo. It is a place full of people and skyscrapers. As a result, lots of movies or animation background take place in here.

There are plenty of shopping, entertainment areas {Game Centers, Cinema, Night Clubs, etc}, good restaurants in Shibuya hence, it is famous for both local and tourist.


Famous Spots in Shibuya

1) The famous Hachiko statue

(Hachiko the Loyal Dog waiting for his Master.)

Hachiko believed to wait patiently for his master to return to work every day at the Shibuya_station in Tokyo for almost 10 years, even after the death of Ueno (his master).
* Note: There is another Hachiko Statue at University of Tokyo

(Near the main gate of Agriculture Faculty).


2) Shibuya CrossRoad (Tokyo Fast and Furious).

First of all, if you love Hollywood movie then you would definitely know this scene. This scene was taken in Shibuya.

Shibuya Fast and Furious
There is a Starbucks near the Shibuya_Crossroad which is located on the second floor. Therefore it is a good spot to chill and enjoy the crossroad. If you are really a Japan lover then you might know “君の名” anime. The scene in the anime was probably the Starbuck at the Shibuya_CrossRoad as well.



3) Shopping in Shibuya_Area.

Quite a few major department stores can be found here. Such as Tokyu, Seibu, Hikarie and etc.
Most of all there is a special building which has been the hotspot for young ladies shopping.

  • Shibuya_109

(109 is a trend fashion area for young women and also an icon of the Shibuya.)

  • Center GAI

Shibuya Center GAI
(Center Gai is a lively area nearby Shibuya Station.)

  • Other famous stores such as TokyuHands, Loft, and all types of fashion brand stores.

See next page for Shibuya_Nightlife.

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