Ginza ( Japan famous Shopping District )

(A place where you can shop for the whole day)
Ginza(銀座) is one of the most famous shopping and dining area in Tokyo. Most of the brands which are available in Japan, you could get it here.
However, that’s not all. it is also a place for you to enjoy Japanese Culture.

Ginza clock
(Wako * The landmark)



When it comes to shopping in Japan, This is a place where you shouldn’t miss out.
Most of the shops here are open every day. During weekend afternoons, vehicles will not be allowed to enter the central road (Chuo Dori) and the whole Chuo-Dori will be a pedestrian street.

(Benches in the middle of Chuo-Dori)
* Central road is closed at 12:00 to 17:00 during weekends.

Many years back, Ginza was known as an expensive area in Japan.
Well, if we are talking about the price of the land, it is still Japan No.1 expensive area.
However, when it comes to shopping or dining, Ginza offers a full selection of choices.

At Ginza
  1. Buy anything you like. (Most of the shops here have Tax Free Services.)
    One of our recommendations is Tokyo-Hands. ->
    ( They sells lots of Japanese interesting items.)
  2. Visit Depachika. (Department Stores Underground)
    [You can get all types of food, Japanese sweets, and delicious desserts here.]
  3. Walk in the middle of Chuo-Dori. ( You might get interviewed by Japanese TV station.)
  4. Visit Kabukiza. ( Japanese Kabuki Show) ->


(Department Underground)

Ginza KabukiGinza_kabuki2

For Access to Ginza_( Tokyo ).

  1. Hibiya-Line, Marunouchi Line or Ginza Subway Line and get-off at Ginza Station.
  2. JR Yamanote-Line or JR Keihin-Tohoku Line and get-off at Yurakucho Station.
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