Tokyo’s Harajuku Station is located in Yamamoto-line near Shinjuku and Shibuya. It would be a good idea to visit these locations on the same day. This place is famous for teenage cultures and fashion styles, and some historic sight-seeing.

Two main things you have to do in Harajuku.

1) Visit Takeshita-Dori (Takeshita Street)
Takeshita-Dori is a street for youth culture where stylish items are readily available. Full of stores selling assorted goods, accessories, and clothes, Takeshita-Dori street is always crowded with shoppers.  The district where crepes, pancakes, and many other trends started and a line can always be seen outside the many popular shops here and there.


2) Visit Meiji-Jingu
One of Tokyo’s major shrines and it is located just next to Takeshita-Dori. It has a beautiful long nature walk before reaching the shrine.

Tokyo Meiji-Jingu

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

Meanwhile, Harajuku is also a youngster fashion monster city.

Normally the crowd will gather on weekends or public holiday. ( Especially during Halloween )

Omotesando is near Takeshita-Dori. Just a short walk away there is the more sophisticated area of Omotesando. Artistic fashion buildings and galleries line up along the zelkova tree-lined street, where you can enjoy high brand shopping, gourmet food, and art.


For Access to Harajuku( Tokyo ).

  1. JR Yamanote-Line and get-off at Harajuku Station.
  2. Only a short walk from Harajuku Station is the subway station Meijijingu-mae Station, which is served by the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Subway Lines.
  3. Or you can start from Omotesando Station, which is Chiyoda, Ginza and Hanzomon Subway Lines.
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