Ueno (Cherry Blossom, Museum & Market)


Ueno (上野) is a must visit place in the center of Tokyo.

Ueno is a shopping street full of stalls selling almost anything you can imagine.
Definitely a good place for souvenirs for friends back home.
It’s a down-market, which means that eating, shopping, and drinking are all at a reasonable price.

Ueno Ameyoko
(Ueno_Ameyoko; Hundred of small stalls along the street.)


Ueno Ameyoko_1
(Random pic of Ameyoko )


In addition to the down-market, today Ueno is also famous for museums, cherry blossom, Zoo and etc.

Ueno Park Map

Ueno Map
(* Ameyoko is not shown on the map)


According to the map above,

Number 1: Ueno_Zoo, Japan’s first zoological garden.

Hour: 9:30 to 17:00
Closed: Mondays (or following day if Mon is a holiday), Dec 29 to Jan 1
Admission: 600 yen (free admission on March 20, May 4 and October 1)
* Popular with Giant Panda Bears.
Ueno Zoo Panda


Number 2: Sakura ( Cherry Blossom Spots )

Ueno_Park is also one of Tokyo’s most popular spots for cherry blossom. With more than 1000 cherry trees lining across the pathway, it attracts a large number of hanami (Party under Cherry Blossom Trees.)  The cherry blossoms are usually in bloom during late March and early April.

Ueno Hanami

During cherry blossom season, the local favorite food is dango (団子) [aka Grilled rice dumplings],

Ueno Dango
Sweet and salty soy-based sauce or chunky red bean paste.
A famous phrase in Japan “Hana yori dango”  (Dumplings are better than blossoms)
Ueno Dango 2
(I just like this pic. ^-^)


Number 3: Ueno_Museums

If you are planning to visit museums in Japan, the following museums are all located near  Ueno_Park.

– Tokyo National Museum; http://www.tnm.jp/?lang=en
– National Museum of Western Art; https://www.nmwa.go.jp/en/
– Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum; http://www.tobikan.jp/en/
– National Science Museum; http://www.kahaku.go.jp/english/

Ueno Museum


Number 4 & 5: Shinobazu Pond and Shrine

If you are visiting with your loved ones, Ueno is also a good place to relax.

Ueno Shinobazu Pond
(Boating at Shinobazu Pond)
Plenty of cheap food to be found all around Ueno station, including a large number of food stalls near the shrine on Shinobazu Lake.


Ueno Shrine
(Ueno Toshogu Shrine in Ueno)
Built-in 1616 in order to dedicate to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Edo Shogunate.
Special entrance to the shrine’s Botan Garden from Jan to mid-Feb and mid-Apr to early May (600 yen).

Access to Ueno Station

Tokyo Route Map
Well, Ueno is in JR Line, easy access from any station.
* Alert; The southwest of Ueno station has a few sex-clubs, etc with active bouncers and prostitutes conducting their business.



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