Ooedo Onsen (Experience the Good old Japan)


( A natural onsen [Hot-Spring] in Odaiba-Tokyo.)
Started in 2003, Ooedo Onsen is a famous spot for natural onsen (hot spring) in the Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay.

The hot springs are pumped up from 1,400 meters underground.
Ooedo Onsen offers 13 varieties of baths to suit your need. Plus, everyone can spend the day experiencing Japanese traditional robes ( Yukata).

Guess what, not only baths, Ooedo Onsen also provides
1) Spa Zone. ( * Recommendation for Ladies.)
2) Amusement Area.
3) Great Delicious Food Centres.
4) Relaxing Zone.

You could spend around half day in this Ooedo Onsen.

Ooedo Onsen

Ooedo Onsen_pic3 ( Night-View)
(Ooedo-Onsen Atmosphere)

Most of the information is available at -> http://daiba.ooedoonsen.jp/en/


For Ooedo Onsen ticket.

Business Hours Opens 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m (next day), 7 days a week Last entry: 7 a.m.
● Adult(Over age 12)¥2,480(Sat. & Sun. ¥2,680・Special Day ¥2,880)
● Children(Age 4 〜 12)¥1,000
● No fee for a child under age 4
★ Evening Discount Admission ¥1,980( Sat. & Sun. ¥2,180・ Special Day ¥2,380)(No child discount available,  Entry after 18:00)
※Late Night Premium ¥2,000 (after 2:00 a.m.)
※Fee includes Bath fee, Yukata robe fee, Towel fee, Facility usage fee.
Closed once a month after 23:00 for maintenance work.


For Access to Ooedo Onsen ( Odaiba).

1) Trains.
( 18 minutes from Shinbashi-Station and get-off at Telecom Centre Station) * Recommend
While you are traveling from Shinbashi-Station to Odaiba City via Yurikamome-Line, the scenery is beautiful. ( The train will go through Tokyo Rainbow Bridge.)


(11 minutes from Osaki-Station and get-off at Tokyo Teleport Station. Then switch to a shuttle bus or walk approximately 10 minutes.)


When to Visit Ooedo Onsen.

Basically, you can visit Ooedo Onsen almost every day

However, it is going to be very crowded during Sat/Sun, Japan’s Public Holiday or School Holiday In Japan.


At Ooedo Onsen

1) Most of the Onsen in Japan doesn’t allow Tattoo.
( If your tattoo is not easily spotted or visible, they might allow you to stay or else, Ooedo Onsen will have to ask you to leave.)

2) You do not have to prepare anything, the Ooedo-Onsen will supply almost everything.
Ooedo Onsen has lockers for you to keep your valuable items.

3) Once you reach, please register yourself at the reception counter.
(You pay when you leave Ooedo Onsen.)
Then pick your Yukata and Enjoy the Hot Spring and the attractions.

4) Some rules in Japan’s Onsen.
a) Please wash up/shower yourself before entering the Onsen baths.
b) Do not soak towers into the Onsen baths.
c) Especially, kids, it gets very slippery sometimes, please be careful.

That’s all.
Get yourself dress in Yukata and please take lots of memorable pictures.

Ooedo Onsen

A Request from us:

We would love to hear your experience with Ooedo-Onsen (Odaiba). Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below for us and all the travelers who are planning to visit Ooedo-Onsen (Odaiba).

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